We obviously ensure that our aluminium profiles are supplied in the finish you requested. If you require the entire length of the profiles to be in a certain colour or hole pattern, we are able to provide this subject to very attractive conditions, due to the partnerships we have in the Netherlands and abroad. We are able to provide the following post-processes:

  • Powder coating gives the aluminium an attractive appearance and also has a protective effect. We are able to provide all colours in accordance with the RAL swatch block,
  • Anodisation gives the aluminium a very thin (0.010-0.025 mm) and transparent oxide layer that doesn’t just look good, but also has a corrosion-resistant effect and hardens the surface. Anodisation is also possible in somewhat darker colours, including bronze, brown and black.
  • Mechanical processes, including all activities, such as: milling, tapping, drilling, sawing and drumming.

If you require further information on processing aluminium or you wish to make an appointment, please (contact) us.