Production locations

South East of Europe

Production locations

Modern presses (700 MT tot 6.200 MT)

Bos Aluminum obtains its aluminum from a number of leading production locations in the South East of Europe. Because our products are produced in this region, it is possible to work under favorable conditions and with short delivery times.

Our production locations work with a number of modern presses (700 MT to 6,200 MT). We offer you years of experience in the field of extrusion.

All our production locations have powder coating (Qualicoat) installations and their own anodizing lines (Qualanod).

The processing options are versatile. For example, we can paint structure and profiles can be thermally interrupted if desired. Processes such as: punching, sawing, drilling and milling can be arranged for you.

Our production sites meet all important requirements, such as: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 1800



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