Your aluminium profiles are supplied in the finish you request. If you require the entire length of the profiles to be in a certain colour or hole pattern, we can offer you very attractive conditions. This is due to the partnerships we have in the Netherlands and abroad. Bos Aluminium is able to provide the following post-processes:


Machining. By this we mean all operations, for example: milling, tapping, drilling, sawing and drumming.



Anodising aluminum offers many advantages. Thanks to this treatment process, a hard, wear-resistant layer is created that provides higher corrosion resistance, keeping the material beautiful for longer. However, this treatment method not only improves the durability, this surface treatment also provides the ideal opportunity to add color to the aluminum!

Thus, anodising can be used to achieve an appropriate look while also providing a high-quality finish to the aluminum.

Powder coating

Decorative and protective layer

To provide the aluminum with a decorative and protective layer, a powder coating can be chosen.

After a number of pre-treatments, including degreasing and rinsing, the powder coating is applied by means of an electrostatic process. The negatively charged powder is applied to the aluminum object, which is positively charged. The subsequent electrostatic effect creates a temporary adhesion of the coating. The object is then heated in an oven so that the coating melts (the so-called baking process), after which the coating is given a chance to cure.

Once cured, a solid bond is formed between the coating and the aluminum.



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